FAQs for GreetingsPk
  • Is GreetingsPk a free service?
    Yes, it is absolutely free, like our other services.

  • How do I select an e-card according to the occasion?
    In order to select an e-card, see the list of different categories and select the subcategory of your choice and desire. It will further introduce you to choose your desire e-card.

  • How do I send a greeting card?
    1. First go to a category on the home page that meets your needs, such as Birthday.
    2. Is this card for a friend, co-worker or spouse? You may narrow your search by clicking on a subcategory, such as Birthday Love.
    3. Click on the card you want to send.
    4. Like it? Click on personalize this card and add a message. Don't forget to fill in the recipient's email address and a subject.
    5. Click Continue or Preview and then Continue.

  • How can I confirm if my card has been received and viewed?
    You will receive confirmation e-mail once your greeting has been viewed, if you clicked on the respective check box. ( "there is a check box for intimation of e-card is viewed by recipient in e-card Personalize section").

  • How do I view my card?
    When somebody sends you an e-card from GreetingsPk. KalPoint.com, you'll receive an email which notifying you of this fact. The email will contain a separate e-card link as you click on that link hence you can view respective e-card into new Internet browser window.

  • Why do I get an error message that says the address is invalid when I try to send a card?
    Make sure that you are feeding complete Email addresses (name@kalpoint.com) for yourself (the sender) and for your recipient and that there are no spaces in the address. Also make sure you haven't put someone's *name* instead of their email address in the appropriate field.

  • How do I become a member?
    In order to become a member of GreetingsPk you must possess personnel User ID and Password either it would of KalMail or you can easily create a new account simply by clicking on the member's button and then click on sign up link. Once you got signed up, you will not only have access to the extra features of mail, but you will also have a free email on 5 Mb quota.

  • What are the extra benefits that members get, while others don't?
    If you become a member, you would get the following the extra benefits:
    · You can select addresses from your address book, in which you have to insert addresses just once. Those would already using from KalMail by members.
    · If you send an invitation to somebody, he would have the option to reply you back at that moment only.
    · You would also have a reminder which would reminds you of important events like birthdays, anniversaries or other events via email.
  • How do I sign out?
    To sign out, you simply have to click the log out button and you would be signed out from the page.

  • What is the "Quotations" button for?
    Using this button, you can insert quotations directly into the card, from the hundreds of quotations. You simply have to select the quotation of your choice, as you got the preview it would automatically paste into your e-card.

  • Can I check my email from here?
    Yes, you can. In fact you can also chat from here, simply by clicking on the email or chat button.

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